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Harlan Jimenez - MA38940

Thanks to neuromuscular therapy, clients in our clinic have been able to return to work, get back on the field, in some cases reduce  the amount of medication, and decrease pain.

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My Story

Many people ask why. It’s simple. I use to say it was inspiration from an accident I had 12 years ago. Though that story fills my passion in whatWe do, the why started to be taken serious in 2010. 

In 2009, I ran away from this profession cause being an employee was just so much easier. Go do your job, get out of job, and forget about job. Go back and do it again. 

The responsibility laid on the corporations hand. 

Being ethical, if there was an incident as someone getting hurt, the corparation takes the hit. Spill a drink on someone while being a server. Someone cause more pain at the spa. It’s all the corporations fault. 

Now I did have Responsibilities to my clients. As I kept working with minimal responsibilities. My clients and family, and their friends and families were getting hurt. I just look the other way. The more I was away from it, the more it kept calling me. Loved ones were hurt now. I then had the, “some one else can help them.” There is a million other therapist out there. They could go to someone else. I hid in a 

location of work where no one knew of my talent. It was great, but it was not fulfilling me. It was empty. 

Coworkers were hurt, and I said, “ that’s it.” Started answering and going to some of friends houses. That feeling of satisfaction kept slowly fulfilling me. I was getting happy. People were getting better. Still want to do the mindless employee work. It was Easy!

Of course it happened. One of my star athletic high school kid wasn’t able to make it to a D1 school because of a busted ankle sometime ago. Came in and saw me. Really grateful and happy to see me. And I as well. His other ankle was busted. I quickly fixed it. Looked down at both ankles and noticed the original ankle was still busted. Inflamed and minimal rotation. I slowly worked on it, checking on him constantly. Final technique, check hand placement while having a firm grip at his ankle, and pulled gently. A loud pop echoed. It was able to give now. Looked down a and the ankle changed colors in a good way. Looked at his face and saw his eyes of gratification. That was it! That’s the feeling, that bond. That we done something, everything is going to be alright now. I fulfilled a service he was demanding from anybody. He quickly got up and again. Just glared at me, “Harlyn it’s not hurting. I Could Move It. I could move my ankleI was like, “ Look at it. Circulation everywhere. All types of blood vessels all around the ankle.” Yes we had a moment of excitement. He came back a couple of times. D2 school picked him up. He went on to become a successful man. We are still in contact to this day. Many more similar stories followed after that hour of treatment. 

When he left the office in that first treatment, it got me thinking. Couldn’t sleep that night. I had to leave from being an employee to provide a corporation. It is a Responsibility of us to provide a safe location and correct environmental to explain their symptoms so we may provide a solution for the problem. For people to come and trust us, we had to develop a real brand. It took many years and many friends. Therefor we accomplished it. 6 Degrees of Wellness is developed. Your health is our responsibility. We are honored you come to us and we will provide the care you need.

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