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Ian Bowen - MA93360

Thanks to neuromuscular therapy, clients in our clinic have been able to return to work, get back on the field, in some cases reduce  the amount of medication, and decrease pain.

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My Story

I have been a massage therapist since 2018, I have always been an athlete and know the frustration when injuries prevent you from being able to be at peak performance and the debilitating feeling when you are too hurt to play. I want to help everyone, especially athletes get the care and treatment they need. Being apart of the Six Degrees of Wellness allows me to do what I am passionate about. The environment is what drew me here, the freedom to treat my clients to the best of my abilities, we have a great care and concern for every client. Our clients have such a great trust in our abilities and, it’s an awesome feeling when we can help someone that others couldn’t. I’m currently studying to get my bachelor in sports and exercise science which is allowing me to further serve the needs of my clients. Six Degrees is a team and a community and I am great full to be apart of it. 

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